4 Sustainable Companies That Have Sprouted at uOttawa

Want to do more than turn off the lights on April 22? Consider supporting sustainable and earth-friendly companies led by uOttawa students and alumni to celebrate Earth Day 2021.

Our team is excited to introduced four innovative companies dedicated to driving meaningful action for our planet and creating a lasting impact on our environment.

1. Flirt

Photo courtesy of Flirt’s Facebook Page.

Flirt designs innovative consumer products with a positive impact from recycled material. Their kombucha is brewed from unsold fresh fruit!

How do we know them? Flirt is currently participating in the fourth cohort of our Scaleup Garage program.

2. POLY Plastics

Photo courtesy of POLY plastics’ website.

POLY makes it possible for any community to make recycling a job creator, profit generator, and a beneficial piece of infrastructure. Through the use of their small-scale systems, anyone is able to start their own business selling products made out of recycled plastic.

How do we know them? POLY participated in the 2018 edition of our Startup Garage program.

3. Shyne Eyewear

Photo courtesy of Shyne’s Facebook Page.

Shyne is a fully sustainable brand. Every pair of glasses they produce is made out of 100% recycled plastic. Aside from their environmental goals they strive to support our community. $5 from every pair of glasses purchased goes directly to a local Ottawa charity!

How do we know them? Shyne participated in the 2019 edition of our Startup Garage program.

4. Sprout

Photo courtesy of Sprout’s Facebook Page.

Sprout is a social enterprise that addresses food waste and food insecurity by recuperating comestible produce that would have been thrown out and giving it a new chance to create a meal box subscription service.

How do we know them? Sprout will be participating in the 2021 edition of our Startup Garage program.

Are you working on a social enterprise or project? Our team would love to hear about it! Send us an email (ehub@uOttawa.ca) or a DM on socials and tell us about your earth-friendly endeavor!



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