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Are you looking for an opportunity to start your business? Eager to explore the world of entrepreneurship as a newcomer? Seeking practical avenues to expand your experience and sharpen your skills? Look no further. The University of Ottawa provides an array of invaluable resources for students, enabling them to harness support for their entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship-related courses

Embark on a transformative path with our diverse range of entrepreneurship-related courses. These courses empower students with essential business acumen, marketing expertise, insights into innovation, entrepreneurial mindset cultivation, and the ability to formulate viable business ideas and plans, among other invaluable skills. Some of these courses include:

ADM 2313 The Entrepreneurial Society
EMC 1100 Building an Entrepreneurship Mindset
ADM4315 Strategic Entrepreneurship

ADM 2320 Marketing
ADM 4326 Digital Marketing Technologies

You can also explore specialized courses that align directly with your academic pursuits and entrepreneurial ambitions. These courses allow you to delve deeper into subjects that are not only pertinent to your studies, but also intricately connected to the world of entrepreneurship, such as AHL 4310: Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Lab and GNG 4120: Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Computer Scientists.

Entrepreneurship-related programs

Furthermore, the University of Ottawa’s Entrepreneurship Hub offers programs designed to equip students with invaluable skills. These programs help enhance their resumes and position them as highly sought-after candidates for future employment prospects. These programs serve as catalysts for personal and professional growth, nurturing a skill set that serves as a valuable asset throughout their careers. These programs include:

Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate: workshops to help gain entrepreneurship-related knowledge and skills, which enable people to develop career competencies and strengthen their resumes.

Startup Garage: a year-round accelerator program for entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their business. Through this program, founders will get access to peer-to-peer networks, mentorship, advisory services, capital, space and resources that will help them take their idea from conception to launch to growth.

Match-Up: matches student interns with local companies. These positions provide undergraduate students the opportunity to work with local startups to help solve a specific challenge they are facing.

Embarking on the path of entrepreneurship can be both exhilarating and challenging. However, students at the University of Ottawa can tap into resources offered by the Entrepreneurship Hub (eHub) to strengthen their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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eHub uOttawa

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