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Are you preparing to enrol in courses for the fall and winter term? Entrepreneurial classes are a great way to develop an entrepreneurial mindset without starting a business!

Make the most of your post-secondary experience at the University of Ottawa by nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit.

Elective Courses

There are a number of elective courses for you to choose from to start exploring the basics of entrepreneurship:

· ADM 2313: The Entrepreneurial Society

· ADM 3313: New Venture Creation

· AHL 2300: Introduction to Community Engagement

· AHL 3300: Creativity and Innovation

· ADM 3396: Entrepreneurship Foundry

· ADM 4903: New Venture Creation Practicum

· AHL 4910: Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Lab

Program Specific Courses

The following entrepreneurial courses are offered to students enrolled in specific programs:

· ADM 3396: Advising Family Businesses

· ADM 4315: Strategic Entrepreneurship

· ADM 4316: Management of Innovation

· GNG 1103: Engineering Design

· GNG 2101: Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers and Computer Scientists

· GNG 4120: Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Computer Scientists

· SCI 4910: Science Entrepreneurship

Take It a Step Further

For those with a curious mind looking to take it a step further, you may want to look into integrating the Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation Option or the Science Entrepreneurship Option to your program of studies.

Beyond the Classroom

If your course sequence has little to no wiggle room, all is not lost! Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate (EMC), offers three streams to help you develop a more entrepreneurial way of thinking, beyond the classroom!

Once you’ve registered, completing the requirements for the certificate is pretty simple. You must attend five workshops from all 3 streams — most of which are repeated every term to allow more flexibility with your schedule.

Enrolment is offered on an ongoing basis, so you can register anytime!

Have we overlooked an entrepreneurial course or program option? Send us an email:



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