Faces of Entrepreneurship FT. Brennan Loh

Brennan Loh, Director of Brand and Marketing Partnerships at Shopify.

Brennan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for marketing since his days at the University of Ottawa. As a student, he was involved in various events and activities on campus. He served as the President of the Telfer School of Management’s Entrepreneurs’ Club from 2009–2011 and has remained on their Board since graduating in 2012. He graduated from the Telfer School of Management with a BComm in Marketing in 2012.

Brennan joined Shopify in 2011, when there were less than 50 employees. He served as the Director of International Markets and was responsible for expanding Shopify’s product and partner network globally. He spent a number of years abroad in India and Germany to help expand Shopify into Europe and Asia. Today, he serves as the Director of Brand and Marketing Partnerships.

Brennan is an active mentor, mentoring uOttawa students at the Entrepreneurship Hub’s Startup Garage in 2020. He is also an Angel Investor in the technology sector. More recently, Brennan was awarded Telfer Young Donor of the Year for 2021. He has worked with his alma mater to fund the Loh Entrepreneurship Experience Scholarship, a scholarship to provide students from any faculty at uOttawa with financial and mentorship support in their entrepreneurial journey through internships and co-op placements.

Great news! Applications for this Summer Term 2022 are open. Apply before November 30, 2021 !

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

I see entrepreneurs as having an unwavering belief that the future needs what they wish to create, and that tenacity and resilience can overcome anything. Most people have a hard time relating to entrepreneurs. But if it weren’t for their will and ingenuity, the world would be a pretty boring place.

How are you entrepreneurial?

When I was in school, I would come up with all sorts of businesses. I loved the challenge of creating something out of nothing, and I constantly found myself drawn to opportunities most people didn’t see. Today, my motivation comes from reflecting back and measuring how many “there’s no way that’s going to work” projects I’ve attempted.

How does an entrepreneurial mindset contribute to your life?

It’s an incredibly valuable perspective. In the best of times, an entrepreneurial mindset makes anything seem possible, like there’s no ceiling on your potential. And in times of struggle, it provides resourcefulness and mental toughness. There’s no substitute for entrepreneurial scar tissue.

*This feature was published as a part of the Faces of Entrepreneurship Campaign, 2021–22.



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L’incontournable pour tout ce qui se trame en #entrepreneuriat à 𝘂𝗢𝘁𝘁𝗮𝘄𝗮 |🚀| 𝘂𝗢𝘁𝘁𝗮𝘄𝗮’s go-to destination for all things #entrepreneur