Faces of Entrepreneurship ft. DuniaPay

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2 min readFeb 18, 2021

The team at DuniaPay holds deep experience and passion for financial solutions and the mission to solve the long-standing critical problem of easy access to financial services in the African continent. Since their humble beginnings in 2018, their team has dedicated their work to blockchain technology to facilitate the day-to-day financial lives of people in Africa — inexpensively and right from their mobile device.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

For me, entrepreneurship is being able to do what you love and do it in a way you like. It’s all about turning an idea into a business, being proud of what you are building but also the freedom to work on projects that you’re most passionate about and creating a better life for yourself and the people. Entrepreneurship is how you are taking initiatives, mitigating risks, solving problems and managing resources.

How are you entrepreneurial?

For me, being entrepreneurial is about the ability to think independently and come up with new ideas that can be implemented into some sort of business. I think that being entrepreneurial is something that can be developed over time. You can learn to think more independently, you can learn to motivate yourself and you can learn how to be more resourceful.

How does an entrepreneurial mindset contribute to your life?

Having an entrepreneurial mindset helps me navigate in this ever-changing world. While you may encounter struggles on the road to achieve your goals, adopting an entrepreneurial spirit makes you resilient and able to face any challenge. Having an entrepreneurial mindset has opened my mind to new opportunities that I would otherwise never have experienced or even understood.

*This feature was published as a part of the Faces of Entrepreneurship Campaign, 2021.



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