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3 min readJan 31, 2023

In response to the shift the pandemic had on employee engagement and corporate culture during remote work periods, Litespace is a SaaS startup that was founded in 2022 to empower hybrid companies to create more engaging and positive work environments through an innovative workplace platform.

To one day achieve its goal of becoming the go-to workplace management platform for companies looking to foster positive and engaging work environments, the startup offers smart scheduling recommendations, event planning, and office analytics to improve employee productivity, morale, and connectedness. They see themselves as a leader in the SaaS industry, continually evolving and expanding their offerings to meet the changing needs of their clients. They envision a world where hybrid work is seamlessly integrated into daily life, and their platform plays an essential role in bringing people back into the office organically and intentionally.

Over the last 12 months, the company’s platform quickly gained recognition. They won first place at the Telfer Elevator Pitch Competition and earned two awards from FoundersBeta for being the top tech startup in Canada and the best new HR solution. Today, Litespace has grown to include a larger team, onboarded clients, and recently upgraded its platform and website. With exciting new features on the horizon, Litespace is dedicated to helping companies increase productivity and make office visits more meaningful.

Litespace’s core values.
Litespace is run by a group of friends that pushes each other upwards to be professional and strive to achieve their goals. The company’s core values include:

  • Staying focused
  • Being transparent and honest with each other
  • Being curious to learn
  • Being passionate and loving their job
  • Collaborate
  • Being a leader and entrepreneurial
  • Strive to be better every day

What does entrepreneurship mean to Litespace?
Entrepreneurship at Litespace means taking risks, developing innovative solutions, and building a business from the ground up to solve a specific problem in the market. Litespace needs to create a scalable, sustainable model for growth while constantly evaluating market trends to adapt and evolve to stay competitive. Most importantly, it means having a clear vision and aligning the entire organization/leadership team around it. Litespace puts its client’s needs first by gathering feedback and improving to grow the business.

How is Litespace entrepreneurial?
As a startup, Litespace understands the importance of being entrepreneurial in order to succeed in the competitive market. It recognizes that efficiently utilizing its capital and resources is crucial in building a well-built foundation for the business. By assembling a leadership team that combines competency and complementary skill sets, the managers are able to make effective decisions and calculate risks to drive the company forward.

One of the key aspects of entrepreneurship for Litespace is identifying and seizing business opportunities. The company strives to constantly innovate in its product development and services to stay ahead of the curve and meet the ever-changing needs of its clients. Focusing on growth and scalability allows the company to expand and improve its offerings. Networking and building partnerships are also vital components of Litespace’s entrepreneurial approach, as they allow it to collaborate with other companies and experts in the industry to find new solutions and drive innovation.

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, accountability is at the core of Litespace’s work ethic. All personnel are accountable for their actions and learn from their mistakes. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement and learning, the startup was able to adapt and grow as a company. Furthermore, Litespace’s entrepreneurial approach is centered on taking calculated risks, being innovative, and continuously striving for growth and success.

Key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs
‘‘Make sure your team is striving for a common goal and has a diverse skill set. For that, you can ask questions like:

  • Can someone in your team build the ideal product?
  • Can someone sell the products?
  • Can someone be a leader?
  • Can people wear “multiple hats”?

Before investing time and money into an idea, begin with a story and the customer journey. Identify the target market, the competitors, and the existing products in the industry. Meet with as many people in your network that fit your ideal customer and ask them: If I created this product for you which solved ABC and offered XYZ, is this something you would use and purchase? These are essential steps before developing a minimal viable product (MVP)’’.

To learn more about the company and their services, click here.



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