In the Last 30 Days: October Edition

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4 min readNov 3, 2020


Welcome back, everyone! Did you enjoy the best month of the year? The spookiest month of the year? October, I’m talking about October.

This month our network of entrepreneurs and partners did some pretty awesome things, check it out!

Photo courtesy of Differly, 2020.

Mastering the Market

uOttawa alumni Isabelle Perreault has outdone herself! She and Scott Morin have launched a marketing program to help founders master their Go-To-Market strategy. With over 40 years of experience in the industry between the two of them, they are more than qualified to teach the new generation of entrepreneurs. This masterclass powered through the Differly platform, was just launched on October 26th 2020.

We’re very excited to see it up in action!

Photo courtesy of uOttawa Gazette, 2020.

Gee-Gees Spirit in Action

Our Gee-Gees have been showing their spirit in the best way they know how; following their entrepreneurial brains. Five entrepreneurs have used the last decade to launch their businesses.

The Unscented Company by Anie Rouleau offers a range of eco-friendly and scent-free body care and household products.

Poppa Bean Coffee by Paul Foster offers a variety of coffee through local markets and outlets.

Twenty20 Skincare by Elena Minnow offers handcrafted natural beauty and body care products.

Gift Better Co. by Olivia Villalta, created a way for consumers to give creative gifts through themed boxes that also happens to give back to the community.

Dairy Distillery by Omid McDonald, discovered a new way to distill alcohol from dairy products.

We are so proud of the entrepreneurs creating change in the market!

2020 BMO Boost Fund Recipient

The BMO Boost Fund supports companies achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

We are thrilled to announce that the recipient of this years 2020 BMO Boost Fund is Bagsort!

Bagsort provides short term luggage storage through local shops and hotels. Bagsort, as founded in early 2019 #roamhandsfree, is their motto, we could not agree more; we hope they can #workstressfree with the help of the funding provided by BMO.

Photo courtesy of Wellness World, 2020.

World Mental Health Day 2020

In honour of World Mental Health Day, we talked with Eve Staszczyszyn. Eve is the Co-founder of Wellness World and a uOttawa student.

Eve’s mission is to utilize technology to start social change for mental health awareness. Through Wellness World, she hopes that it can become a sort of “home base” for students.

Eve even has some helpful tips for starting your unique Wellness journey.

Inaugural SheBoot Program

The inaugural SheBoot Program is back at it again and of the participants were two of our Startup Garage gals! Sheboot is an entrepreneurship bootcamp for women in the industry.

Ashley Belleau-Dame, the co-founder and COO of Bagsort was in attendance as well as Alina Jahani, the co-founder and CEO of Hirefast.

Alina is a 2019 Startup Garage alumni, whose business base is back in Hamilton and Ashley is part of the Startup Garage 2020 Cohort, whose business is based in Gatineau.

Photo courtesy from the BOBS awards, 2020.

2020 Best Ottawa Business Award Recipients

The Best Ottawa Business Awards are granted to the best businesses in the National Capital Region. This award is a joint initiative between the Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Board of Trade.

Congrats to Neurovine, Noibu, and VitalTracer recently featured among the recipients. We love seeing Scaleup and Startup Garage alumni recognized for their hard work. A special shoutout also goes out to our friends from and Kinaxis!

We are so excited for their recognized success and wish them the best for 2021!

*This feature was published as a part of the In the Last 30 Days series, 2020.



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